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The IT application ecosystem is going through dramatic transformations with the use of cloud computing and mobility.

Users expect ever increasing and improving application functionality and are intolerant of disruptions to availability. IT leaders and practitioners have the unique opportunity to dramatically improve their ability to influence and enhance business activities and help their organizations meet their goals and objectives through effective application development, deployment, and management. If they succeed they will be the heroes of the organization; if they fail, end users and business units will go around IT to get what they need.

The Applications Track will address the challenges of application governance, deployment, management, and monitoring - both from a technology and business perspective.

Featured Applications Sessions

Cloud Adoption Gets Serious: 2½ Years In
In this revealing presentation, Ken Griffin of Harvard Business Publishing returns to Interop with an update on his organization's aggressive, immovable goal to shut down its data centers and migrate all its applications to the cloud by 2016. Ken will discuss the real-world lessons that he and his organization have learned about deploying cloud services, how they secured SaaS applications, and why they chose Amazon Web Services for their custom applications. Ken will focus on how to make progress against a cloud strategy, how to avoid the mistakes he made, the benefits he is seeing as a result of the migration, and important expectations you need to set for your people and your stakeholders.
Speaker: Ken Griffin, Director, IT Services and Operations, Harvard Business School Publishing

David vs Goliath: New Startups Driving Innovation
New ideas are blossoming at all layers of the infrastructure stack. In this panel you will hear from young companies driving innovation in the physical infrastructure for switching/routing, overlay networking, network monitoring, and orchestration. Each of these layers is changing rapidly as networks become more dynamic and software driven. This panel will highlight opportunities in each of these spaces and lessons learned from the entrepreneurs in the trenches battling the industry giants. Participating companies include Akanda, Cloud Helix, Cumulus Networks and SocketPlane.
Speaker: Alex Benik, Partner, Battery Ventures

DevOps, Mobile Apps & Nordstrom's IT Transformation
In the past two years, fashion retailer Nordstrom has experienced a technology transformation. It began with using a DevOps and continuous flow approach to designing a new customer mobile app. This single "project" grew into a leadership development program, then to a technology strategy story, and has led to the creation of a culture of continuous improvement. In this session, Courtney Kissler, Vice President of E-Commerce & Store Technologies at Nordstrom, will share the journey her IT organization is taking to become an integrated team that quickly responds to customer needs. As a former network and security administrator who now manages IT strategy, e-commerce technology, and applications development, Courtney will also talk about the challenges and opportunities facing the IT professional navigating a rapidly changing technology and business landscape.
Speaker: Courtney Kissler, Vice President of E-Commerce & Store Technologies, Nordstrom

Embracing the Bring-Your-Own-App Phenomenon
Today’s business application economy is driving change across IT departments as increasingly self-reliant and creative business users are embracing tools and technologies that allow for real-time problem solving and innovation. In doing so, these users are also creating a cultural shift inside organizations by building their own applications and relying less on IT to handle their business challenges. It's a paradigm shift causing CIOs to take notice, and in this session, CEO Adriaan van Wyk will explain why CIOs should harness the BYOA phenomenon and use it to business advantage, rather than pushing back. He'll discuss the role CIOs can take to manage the cultural shift, and best practices they can use to create a more agile, app-centric environment.
Speaker: Dave Marcus, SVP, Partners and Alliances, K2

Enterprise Performance Management: Take Control from End to End
Efficient enterprise performance management isn’t a matter of waiting for the klaxons to go off and the red lights to flash; you must build it on a thorough, end-to-end methodology that targets issues before they become problems. Many vendors promise the proverbial "single pane of glass," but few come close to providing clarity. IT leaders instead must be creative and learn how to leverage both off-the-shelf and custom tools. This session will provide a framework to help you move from basic network and application monitoring into proper end-to-end enterprise performance management. You'll learn to transform your current monitoring environment using tools like Netflow, application flow statistics, and synthetic testing.
Speaker: Joseph Convery, Associate Fellow, IT Network & Unified Communications, Verizon Wireless

IoT's Potential Impact on Your Data Center
What does going from 7 billion connected devices in 2014 to more than 40 billion in 2020 do to your data center and infrastructure strategy? The truth is, no one really knows for sure. My perspective is the impact will be significant, but it’s not as obvious as “just more stuff.” The industry will see new opportunities arise and new stresses occur. I hope to shine a light on the subject, start some debate, and give you food for thought on next steps for your organization.
Speaker: Jason Mendenhall, Executive Vice President - Cloud, Switch

Let BI Drive
Today it's common for a company to have a big data or business intelligence initiative, but unusual for that company to turn its data into concrete business improvements. That's because there are so many sources of information that must be woven together, compared to business goals in real time, and acted upon swiftly. Technology and strategy consultant Barbara Horne will discuss how you can aspire to put your business intelligence in the driver's seat, where it can actually make a difference to your customer satisfaction and company success. Barbara will explain the many sources of data already available -- including Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Business -- and how you can align your organization to understand and react to it more quickly. Attendees will also learn how to use the right business intelligence apps and Lean Six Sigma tools to filter the best analytics through key processes -- keeping the organization lean, competitive, and offering the highest quality products to the customer.
Speaker: Barbara Horne, Consultant, The Business Channels

Solving Business Problems With Neural Networks
Organizations are harvesting vast amounts of raw, proprietary data, but how do they translate that into information that increases efficiency, reduces costs, and generates new revenue? Advanced businesses are using neural networks, the most powerful type of machine learning systems. For example, the world’s largest online retailer employs neural networks to predict items consumers are likely to purchase, and the IT department of the world’s largest software company uses them to predict server utilization patterns, saving tens of millions of dollars annually. In this understandable, yet in-depth presentation, Dr. James McCaffrey will explain the basics of neural networks, describe the types of business problems they can solve, and discuss the pros and cons of different implementation approaches.
Speaker: James McCaffrey, Research Scientist, Microsoft Research

Where Should The Brain Of Your Mobile Application Live?
Gilt is an online shopping site with a strong mobile presence. Our mobile applications team has always faced a challenge: How do we ensure high availability when iOS application updates are subject to an approval process that can take days or weeks? A single glitch in Gilt's iOS app could quickly cost millions in lost sales. To remain flexible and be able to react quickly to problems, Gilt's mobile team has rethought where the brain of its application should live, and has done so without sacrificing the experience that only a real, fully-native iOS application can provide. Principal mobile engineer Evan Maloney will talk about how these challenges led his team to rethink the responsibilities of the client and the server. Attendees will leave with a fresh perspective on architecting mobile applications, one that's helped grow Gilt's mobile business from the single digits to more than 45% of revenue in just a few years.
Speaker: Evan Maloney, Principal Engineer, Mobile, Gilt Groupe

Featured Applications Workshops

Transforming Data Into Information and Knowledge
Data analytics only matters when it has the ability to drive organizational learning that ultimately impacts strategic planning. While many will be familiar with the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, this is a tactical way to get work done. Data analytics, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to take that tactical approach to the strategic level: Opportunity-Implement-Analyze-Optimize. We’ll look at examples from industry, including healthcare, where application of data analytics transforms raw data into information and knowledge that changes the way work is planned, accomplished, and improved. We’ll also provide an overview of the different technologies available to transform reams of raw data into actionable information, and offer tips on how to get a data analytics project off the ground. This session is targeted to both business users and IT professionals who are interested in learning how to take full advantage of data analytics to change their organizations.
-Chris Taylor, Author, Successful Workplace
-Howard Landa, M.D., Program Director and Vice-Chair, The Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems

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