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A robust infrastructure is essential to any technology-based initiative and every business application. Virtualization, convergence, automation, and cloud computing are transforming legacy infrastructures by offering far greater speed and flexibility. IT pros have an unprecedented opportunity to reevaluate the way they design, build, and operate enterprise networks and data centers. Interop’s Infrastructure Track presents independent experts who can help IT pros understand the upsides and downsides of the emerging technologies that are transforming the network. They will also help IT organizations make the right choices to support their organizations’ business needs.

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Featured Infrastructure Sessions

A No-Nonsense Approach to Hyperconvergence
The market is flooded with a large number of buzz words around how to build an IT stack. From reference architectures to various levels of building block-style convergence, it seems that everywhere you turn there’s a new, shiny, and often better way to stand up infrastructure. But, is it really worth deviating from traditional architecture designs that provide the “business as usual” requirements? This session will focus on why the converged technology stacks are worth digging deeper in to, how teams are integrating them with their existing systems, and what sort of culture and skill-set shifts this trend pushes.
Speaker: Chris Wahl, President, Wahl Network, LLC

A Practical Look at Network Automation 
Are you tired of hearing about how SDN means you'll need to be a programmer if you want to keep your job? While this makes for compelling headlines, it's important to distinguish what's real and what's hype. This session will bring network automation and programmability to life for the traditional network engineer, with a focus on how to make networks more consumable. This session will review various API types such as Cisco's onePK and Arista's eAPI and discuss how to use them. We'll also take a brief look at Python and Jinja2 specifically for network engineers. Finally, we'll look at how to use a modern DevOps-style tool such as Ansible for building and deploying network configurations. 
Speaker: Jason Edelman, Founder, Network To Code

Best Practices for Building Visibility Fabrics in the Enterprise
Join this session to learn how best practices in management, collaboration, tool validation, and architecture can lead to a successful deployment of a visibility fabric for your data center security and monitoring tools. J. Scott Haugdahl, industry expert, speaker, and author of the classic "Network Analysis and Troubleshooting," will share his proven methods and lessons learned at US Bank, where he founded and lead the Network Application Analysis (NAA) team. He helped create a network analysis infrastructure for a new, $5 million state-of-the-art Shared Data Access Network (SDAN) that was deployed across multiple US Bank data center locations. Scott then moved to Blue Cross Blue Shield to build its Shared Visibility Fabric (SVF). He’ll talk about the drivers for building a visibility practice, examine challenges, and share best practices.
Scott Haugdahl, Principal Architect, Blue Cross Blue Shield MN

Featured Infrastructure Workshops

11 Things You Can Do When You Get Back to the Office to Improve Network Performance
This class is designed to help you knock out network performance problems you currently have and help prevent future problems. I will provide step-by-step processes for doing 11 things that will help improve the performance on your current network. I will also address how to take a structured approach to resolving network problems.
Mike Pennacchi, Owner, Network Protocol Specialists

*This session will run on both Monday & Tuesday at 8:30am.

Achieving Operational Excellence Through DevOps
Devops has been defined as everything from a cultural shift in IT, to a new role within operations, to using automation frameworks to manage infrastructure. The abuse of the term has led to fear, uncertainty and a lot of doubt about its intent and potential impact on network architects and engineers. This workshop will focus on DevOps as a means to achieving operational excellence by leveraging automation frameworks to accelerate and optimize infrastructure deployment processes. In particular, this workshop will examine how DevOps can lead to operational excellence through network programmability, deployment process optimization, and standardization on a framework.
Instructors: Jeremy Schulman, Independent, Network Consultant 
John Willis, Independent, Consultant

Deep Packet Inspection With Wireshark
The Wireshark protocol analyzer can do a lot more than basic packet capture and filtering. This workshop will focus on in-depth protocol analysis, including the use of advanced filtering techniques, IO graphs, and data interpretation. The goal of this workshop is to turn those captured packets into troubleshooting results. We'll provide example trace files during the class to let you follow along with the instructor.
Mike Pennacchi, Owner, Network Protocol Specialists  

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Ethan Banks


Packet Pushers Podcast

Ethan Banks, CCIE #20655, is a hands-on networking practitioner who has designed, built and maintained networks for higher education, state government, financial institutions, and technology corporations. Since April 2010, Ethan has also been a host of the Packet Pushers Podcast. The technical program covers practical network design, as well as cutting edge topics like virtualization, OpenFlow, software defined networking, and overlay protocols. The podcast has seen over one million unique downloads, and today reaches a global audience of over 10,000 listeners. Also a writer, Ethan covers network engineering and the networking industry for a variety of IT publications. He is the editor for the independent community of bloggers at

Sue Fogarty

Editor in Chief

Network Computing

Susan Fogarty is the Editor in Chief of Network Computing, where part of her role includes developing content for Interop. She has almost two decades of experience writing and editing for IT professionals, especially those deeply involved in enterprise infrastructure. She previously worked at TechTarget, where she was the Editorial Director of the Networking Media Group, managing seven websites including the flagship Sue has also held positions at PennWell Publishing and Dell managing publications on networking, communications, and enterprise IT. She is a self-confessed ice cream addict, clean freak, and dog lover (if you can guess which of these do not mix, you will understand how she spends a lot of her free time).